March 19, 2010

Being a Poor Person isn’t Half Bad!

First of all, I have to say that we are extremely lucky and blessed. There are so many people that are in much worse circumstances. We have everything we need, plus a few little “wants.”

Our internship stipends are pretty stinky (once you break them down by the hour), but they are just enough to get our rent, utilities, bills, and groceries paid for. Thank goodness!

I have been trying really hard to curb my spending habit. I’m pretty good at not eating out (Boy, not so much) and I don’t buy lots of little snacks and drinks (Boy, also not so much). Unfortunately, I have this little itch to buy nice things, such as clothes and home furnishings. Boy never buys any of those sorts of things.

Who knows how long we’ll be in our little apartment… and a lot of my old clothes don’t work to well with my garments…


But I won’t. And it makes me happy/bummed at the same time.

I do like saving money.  I do.  But I sure like pretty things, too...

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