July 30, 2012

Doily Inspired, Blue and Yellow Bridal Shower

My cousin is getting married in September and I am honored to be one of her bridesmaids.  Her wedding is being held at an adorable winery and the reception will be in an old, charming barn.  She's so caught up in love at the moment that she hasn't given much design direction, but we've managed to wrangle a few key words out of her:

Sunflowers and daisies
Navy blue and yellow
Lace and burlap
Mason jars and handmade decorations

So when it came time to plan for her bridal shower, I immediately started brainstorming a few different ways to incorporate all of her wedding wishes.  Right away, I bought a few yards of mismatched fabric, a bunch of burlap, and paper doilies in every size.  I then put out the call to family for cake plates, mason jars, and interesting glassware.  A few google image searches, a Pinterest board, and way too many sketches later... this is what I came up with:

Looking back at the pictures now, I see things I should have done differently or that weren't quite perfect, but guys...


I was and am so proud of myself for pulling this off!!  

I purchased all of the supplies (with someone else's money, thank goodness), made all of the decorations (with some helping hands - thanks friends!), rounded up all of the dishes, purchased the flowers from a wholesaler, arranged the flowers (thanks again to friends!), set everything up (and again!), and executed every detail... and it turned out just how I imagined it would.

The bride loved it, the guests loved it, I loved it...
and I think I just discovered a new passion for party planning.

It was so much fun and so satisfying!
(I even minimized the awfulness of purple-carpeted walls!!)

Oh, and before I forget...
I especially loved these parts of planning a bridal shower:

Congratulations, Moquie!


  1. This bridal shower is so so lovely! Great job!

    I very much appreciated your comments about the floor bed. I gave it a try last night and it was ok. I tried it on her crib mattress which is very very tiny. I think we will do better when I get something larger. I love the Montessori idea and I think I might do some more research and see if it is for us. I had never heard of it before but it seems right up my alley so THANK YOU for telling me about it!!

  2. you are too stinkin cute. excellent work!