December 7, 2011

Night of the Christmas Tree

The night began with a pilgrimage to Cafe Rio.  We humbly partook of the sweet pork and tomatillo ranch sauce.  Then Husband knelt down and prayed to the Vanilla Coke.  The spirit is extra strong on Taco Tuesday, I tell you.  Ask Clara.

Once our bosoms and bellies were full, we wandered over to the Christmas tree lot.  We couldn't wait to break our two-year tradition of cutting our tree down in the forest!  (tree 1 and tree 2)

After a few minutes of arguing over which tree was leaning more to the left, Clara informed us that she had turned into a Popsicle, so we loaded our tree in the truck and headed for home.  

It is one fancy tree, I tell you, brought to us all the way from the state-that-actually-has-trees of Oregon.

Once home, Husband stood the tree up and then I put on the lights, the garland, the tiny ornaments, and the big red bow.  (I have to admit, I am really excited to have a tree in front of a window, for the very first year!  Now all the passerby's will be sure to see my Christmas spirit.) 

Before bed,  I vacuumed up the pine needles and our little trio headed out front to take in the view.  In that moment, I was so aware my many blessings.  I am married to my best friend, I have a sweet baby, and it's Christmastime.  Life is so good.


  1. Your tree looks so cute! We'll have to compare and contrast with next year when Clara is a little older.... :)

  2. Cafe rio is always a great way to start off the evening! It's my little gal's first christmas too! It makes it extra special, does it not? Merry christmas!

  3. I love your trees! (I went back and saw years 1 & 2!)

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