June 21, 2010

Fabulous Weekend

Terrible Friday turned into wonderful Saturday and perfect Sunday.

On Friday night, we spent the night with Nat's girls and watched them all morning.  They are so sweet and smart.  The little twins definitely have my heart.

With Isabella and Maddie.

With Olivia.

iPhone pictures don't do these little cuties justice.

I also had the opportunity to buy fabric for my kitchen and a dining table, watch my niece win two softball games, and attend Leticia's baby shower. 

Family makes life worth living.

On Sunday, the only thing missing was my fantastic dad on Father's Day.  Still, the day was perfect.  Husband and I got along wonderfully; he makes me so happy.  I felt like I was smiling every second. 

He is my perfect, true love.

Also, Kelly and Dustin came to visit.  It felt good to have friends in our home.

My Kelly.

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