June 17, 2010

Kieren Decorates: Hanging a Photo Collage

Thank goodness for the internet!  The tips I picked up for hanging a photo collage were priceless!  I still made two mistakes, so who knows how many nail holes I'd have if it weren't for these tricks.  I highly reccomend using paper cutouts of your photos (complete with a little hole for your nail) whenever you want to make a mini-gallery.

Step One:  Round up some frames.  To make mine more cohesive, I spray painted them all black, used only white matting, and got rid of that "Faith" thing in the middle of the bottom picture.

Step Two:  Make paper cutouts of each picture, label them with the photo name, and mark the nail holes.  Then, tape them to the walls until they are perfect.  Works like a charm.

Step Three:  Fill the frames with pretty pictures, rip off the newspaper, and enjoy your photos!

Hooray for wedding pictures!

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