July 19, 2010

Extra, Extra!

I've been a blogging bum.  

In my defense, I haven't had my laptop, since I loaned it to my family to use on their road trip.  As it's the only place that I feel comfortable loading my pictures, I haven't been able to share anything since then.

I have one picture of my burnt arm (watch out when you put lasagna into the oven), but the rest is just text...

On to the news...

1.  Husband quit his internship.  I'm a little bit nervous, but I have faith that everything will work out.
2.  I spent two weeks babysitting my cousin, Jase.  I'm not sure if I want kids more or less now.
3.  I'm still unemployed and rather depressed about the job hunt.
4.  My SIL had a sweet little girl last week!!  That makes 23 grandchildren!  I love this family!
5.  We FINALLY have a dining room table AND chairs!
6.  Still no church callings...
7.  Phoenix is miserably hot, yet I have no tan to prove it.

Tonight, I should get my laptop back.  So... be expecting like 57 posts over the next few days.  :)

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