August 24, 2010

Saturday Morning in Provo

There's nothing better than strawberry shmear...

...which makes dropping your bagel on the floor, ten seconds after taking a picture of it (dumb), the saddest thing ever.

The Provo Farmer's Market was a blast.
I love things like that. 

Fresh vegetables, cute jewelry, and lots of food.
I saw the cutest baby neck ties with matching ones for the daddy. 
Adorable and only $5.
If Husband wasn't with me, I so would have bought one.

Oh, and I held a baby chihuahua.  I hate chihuahuas, but this one was pretty cute.

Then we headed over to the Provo temple.
The building itself is super 70s, which means I'm not a fan. 
But, they had the coolest flowers I've ever seen.

My new goal is to take a picture with every LDS temple.
We better get started!

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