October 19, 2010

By Lantern Light

Today was my-favorite-person-in-the-world's birthday.


I guess it's time for us to get old together...

Anyways, I made sure that I picked up his favorite BBQ and lemon cake.  I also bought him a propane lantern.  I think he really liked everything, which made me really happy.

My goal is to make Husband love birthdays and holidays as much as I do.

I've got some work to do on that...

I wish I could have baked him a cake and cleaned up the house, but I'm too busy being a working lady.  In fact, all of our dishes are dirty (that's why I'm drinking out of a teacup). 

While I'm rambling, can I tell you that all of the presents that I wanted to buy him were too expensive?

Backpacking tent: $250
Suns tickets: $85/each
iPod: $200
Leather  bookbag: $200
Carhart jacket: $100

You have to be kidding me! 
This world is too expensive.

But, I digress... the lantern was perfect.

In other Kieren news:  Today, I blatantly broke the law.  I turned left at a red light because I sat there for 10 minutes without it changing.  There was no traffic and the little "walking sign man" kept blinking at me!

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