October 28, 2010

Sad House

Lately, I have been a bad wife.

First, let me make excuses: I work every day from 8-5 and have 45 minutes of commuting. Wednesday nights are booked (YW) and so are Thursday nights (dance). Monday nights are usually spent grocery shopping, Friday nights are for fun, Saturdays are usually full, and then there is Sunday.

My house is a disaster. The Leaning Tower of Pisa resides in my sink. I never cook anymore. My basil and sage plants are barely surviving. I have given up on hanging clothes in my closet. The bed is never made. The roast juices are still sitting in the empty crock pot (this is day 3).

It is really hard to be a wife with a full-time job.

Thank goodness for a husband that doesn’t complain, tries to help, and occasionally does the dishes.

I love that guy.

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