November 15, 2010

Sleepover of Awkwardness

The group, on top of a mountain in Papago Park.

On Saturday night, our friends invited us to a sleepover...

Yes, a sleepover for married couples.

Turns out, a brother-in-law had to cancel a trip and couldn't get a refund on his hotel room.  This hotel room had three beds.

Badda boom, badda bang... sleepover.

The whole thing was strange, but it was a lot of fun to hang out with couples our age.  I'm actually starting to feel like I have some friends!

This one will be filed under the strange things I've done in my life.


  1. Wait... three beds, four couples...?! Where did that fourth couple sleep?!

  2. hahahaha, wow. That is a recipe for awkward. but also its sounds like something i would love to do haha! I LOVE your blog, it is so so very cute!!!!

  3. @Nicki: The host couple actually slept on the floor. It was very nice of them!

    @Alycia and Tunes: It was a VERY interesting and awkward night. I'm not really sure that I'd recommend it, but I wouldn't discourage it, either! Haha.