November 23, 2010

Ten Thoughts I'm Thinking

1.  Fretting that my Disneyland at Christmastime plans may be ruined.

2.  Wondering how I can pull off colored tights and not look like a fashion disaster.

For example:  Fashionable or hideous?
3.  Hating the lack of pictures that I have taken lately.

4.  Pondering the need for new, black pumps, as mine are looking very ragged.

5.  Loving the thought of cutting down our first family Christmas tree this Friday.

6.  Feeling sad that I no longer get Christmas break.

7.  On the same note, feeling jealous that my boss will be at the Macy's Day Parade this week.

8.  Hating my hair because I haven't been styling it.

9.  Loving the newest Harry Potter installment, especially one of my favorite characters, Dobby.

10.  Wanting to see the Nutcracker ballet for the very first time.

Now that I've written out so many "wants," I feel a little bit bad. 
It is the week of Thanksgiving, after all.


  1. I think the red with that brown is hideous but the rest look fab, and I totally think you could pull it off. And color with a pretty plain rest of the outfit would be cute.

    cause you're cute.

  2. I just peaked around your blog and I think you are adorable!
    I love your "bucket" list! I stole a couple of yours and added them to mine :)