December 8, 2010

Decorating Fun... Eventually

In my family, putting up the Christmas tree was a big deal.  I loved jamming out to Christmas music, sipping hot chocolate, and unwrapping all of my treasured ornaments.

Suprisingly (not really), Husband is not the biggest fan of tree decorating.  After pestering him for days, he agreed to help me put the lights on the tree.

Sadly, I insulted his lighting skills halfway through and he refused to help with the rest of the decorating.


Sometimes we butt heads.

But, that's life and that's love.

P.S.  Yes, I am wearing my awesome onsie pajamas, with feet.  Yes, I wish I had been wearing something different for these "first" pictures.

P.S.S.  Stay tuned for my Christmas crafts!


  1. ya'll are cute! and that tree is presh. hope you're having a good week!

  2. Sorry that your guy is lacking in holiday cheer. I wish I could say it doesn't run in the family, but... He is lucky to have you to keep him from being the grinch!