December 6, 2010

Running in Wedges

Last Wednesday morning was pretty funny.

Our goal is to live without turning the heater on all winter.
Why, you ask?
Cheaper utility bills!

There will be a lot of pajamas, slippers, blankets, space heaters, baking, cooking, and cuddling in this house!

So, back to Wednesday.

We have started taking showers with the door closed, so that the bathroom gets really warm in the morning. Unfortunately, the steam makes this weird watery stuff run down the walls. (I know, it’s strange!) After going to the bedroom to get my slippers, I come back to find Husband using my hand towel (aka the one I use for my face) to wipe down the walls! I was really happy that he was cleaning, but I had to tell him to use a different towel. I still don’t think he understands why.

I'm still wondering what else he has used my face towel for...

After that, he came into our bedroom where I was putting on my makeup. He proceeded to dry his body off with the space heater. Yes, he picked up the space heater and aimed it at his armpits, head, etc.

Then, he surprised me with hot chocolate (complete with mini-mallows and vanilla creamer) and toast with raspberry jam.

Suddenly, I realized that I was REALLY late to work. He drove me to the light rail station, but we could see that the train was already arriving. We tried to beat it to the next station and I jumped out of the car and started running. Unfortunately, there were just too many rocks to run through and my shoes weren’t doing me any favors.

I missed the train by a few seconds, but I was still smiling because I have the best husband ever.

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