January 17, 2011

Once Again, Disliking Arizona

Last day in Seattle, and oh, how I wish we could have stayed forever.

The more trips that I take, the more I dislike Arizona.
Ugly, brown, dry, boring, chain stores, chain restaurants, concrete, pavement, and more boring.

We spent our last day attending sacrament meeting, buying apples and pears at the farmer's market, and exploring downtown West Seattle.

We were sad to leave and we will especially miss our funny, little nephew and our brand-new niece.

P.S.  I finally had a "fancy cupcake."  You know, those $5 cupcakes that are all the rage on blogs and at college?  As one who loves trendy things, I have to say... they were a huge letdown.  I'd much rather make my own cupcakes from a $1 cake mix. 

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