February 1, 2011

Extra Bloody

A trip to visit one of our favorite families turned into a citrus palooza.

We picked grapefruits, oranges, blood oranges, tangelos, and tangerines.

I couldn’t wait until we got home to peel off the orange skin and taste a fruit that made me feel just like summer. In fact, I didn’t wait. I sat on the grass, peeled my orange, and ate it all up.

When we got home, we started an assembly line of cutting and juicing.

I’ve never been a fan of orange juice (milk is always too good to resist!), but our citrus cocktail is the most bomb-diggity drink that I have ever tasted. The grapefruit gives it a punch of flavor, while the blood orange sweetens everything up. Throw in every other member of the citrus family and you’ve got yourself a masterpiece.

Yep, I saved this picture for last.

Husband is still pretty cute, even with mean eyebrows, a woman’s apron, and a glass of straight blood orange juice.


  1. I LOVE those blood oranges. delish. That pic of Anson is pretty amazing!

  2. hehe.. Anson's eyebrows made me giggle.
    Love it!

    Never had blood oranges, but they sound... amazing.

  3. enjoy the citrus for me! i am dying for some right now. definitely in top three things i miss about az.