February 15, 2011

My Balloon Wasn't Even Pink/Red

The above picture is only slightly relevant to this post.  My mother treated us to a delicious and loved-themed dinner on Sunday.  Oh, how I love that woman, her food, and the beautiful tulips that she bought for me.  Thanks mom!

Now, on the the meat and potatoes (I'm serious).

I have never loved Valentine’s Day, but that is not to say that I would ever turn down free dinner, free chocolates, free flowers, free back tickles, etc. And in case you were wondering, I am willing to accept all free gifts at all times, Valentine’s Day or not.

Valentine’s is a lame-o holiday. Lame, I tell you. Do you know which holidays deserve to be celebrated to the maximum by all close family and friends, including Grinch Husbands? Christmas Eve (better than Christmas, don’t argue), Christmas (duh), my birthday, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and other important birthdays (in that order, of course).

I won’t even go into my first married birthday day. The next day was wonderful, but the birthday day will not be spoken of.

Now, back to the Day of Love.

Husband and I went on an amazing date to Sonic, where I got a corndog and strawberry slush float (za best!) and he got the corndog kids meal (cheapskate trick to get tots and a drink). My knight in shining armor was kind enough to give me his Sonic kids meal balloon. What a gentleman! After that epic adventure, we watched The Office, Community, and 30 Rock in our underwear. Really, there is nothing better than watching TV in your underwear.

The only dilemma now is that I feel entitled to a steak dinner. But don’t blame me or the Valentine’s propaganda; blame the little person within! (Another story for another time. Do you already know it?) I want a juicy piece of bovine and mashed potatoes STAT! Unless my stomach revolts, I would also enjoy a crème brulee, in all of its French glory, to top things off.

I hope you loved your Day of Love.

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