May 12, 2011

This Baby Will Kick Yo Butt

Ze bebe was kicking ze hubzee yesterday morning.

“Kick, kick,” said ze leetle bebe.

“Oh no, I am le tired,” said ze dade.

“Kick, kick. You must wake up and turn on ze showa for ze mama.”

“No, no, dearest muffin bebe. Ze mama must turn on ze showa, to ze perfect temperature, like zo.”

“Ze mama is so very exhausted, dearest fada,” retorted ze fetus child.

The father, with whom the mother was cuddling and said baby was kicking in the back, began to snore.

“Fine. Kick, kick. We are out of ze bed and turning on our own showa, no help to you, commoner!”

I was spooning Husband yesterday morning and he could feel the baby kicking for a good ten minutes, while we dozed. He told me this, when he joined me in the shower, the shower that he did not turn on for his good wife.

It’s cute, though, isn’t it?
The baby-kicking part, I mean.

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  1. I really liked this post. You are precious Kieren : )