June 28, 2011

2460 ONEEEE!

So, I look slightly dazed in this picture, for which, I blame the fetus.

This was taken on the night that we saw Les Miserables.  The worst thing about Les Mis is that I have to think really hard when I spell or say it, unless I stick with "Les Mis," which, when pronounced, sounds like "Lei Miz." 

I blame the French.

Also, I had no clue what Fantine or the leader of the army were talking about or that there were people "doing it" during the "Master of the House" song.

By the way, that was one rocking song, amongst many other rocking songs, though I still like the songs better when I make Husband sing them to me when we take showers together.

So, you should see Les Mis, especially if your husband wants to.
(But it might not be as good as Phantom of the Opera, if you have seen it on stage, or West Side Story, if you haven't seen it on stage yet, but you really want to.)

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