June 22, 2011

Wanna Know Why? Cause I'm Little

It takes a lot to offend or anger me. I think it’s because I am a lazy bum. I would rather eat some ice cream or something. The only exception is when an authority figure yells at me. Like the time a Wal-Mart employee asked me (age 12) to stop causing a ruckus - instant tears. Or that time that an old grandpa yelled at me (age 16) for cutting in line while my high school boyfriend (jerk) pretended like he didn’t know me – instant tears.

This is a story about an offensive pregnancy comment. I didn’t cry, so I guess Rudeness McGee is on or below my level of awesomeness – nowhere near as intimidating as a Wal-Mart employee.

As I am starved for attention, I love when people comment on my pregnancy, because I love being pregnant and I love my baby friend! Whether they say my belly is big or little, I look beautiful or have a lot of acne, I feel proud to be a fertile woman.

I have gotten a few comments on my small stature throughout pregnancy, but one woman had to take it to a whole other level.

“You’re so tiny!”

“Yep.” (Instinctive touch of the belly and a big smile)

“I was going to ask if your doctor was worried about you!”


Do I look like I am starving my baby? Am I subjecting my child to an eating disorder? Is Blue Bell ice cream not fattening enough?! I already knew it wasn’t nutritious enough! This is too much!

Seriously, what can you say to that, besides the nervous laugh?

This is for you, mean lady. I hope Dunkin’ Donuts can make me fat enough to deliver a healthy baby.

If my dang husband doesn't eat all of the dang donuts first.


  1. You're fine :) just think about all of those women on those "I didn't know I was pregnant"shows on TLC.. They really didn't show and their babies are healthy! - well.. all of the ones I've seen at least!

  2. How rude of her to comment that!
    Everyone carries differently.
    Don't let silly comments bother you :)