November 1, 2011

Give Me Your Best Roar

No (Mormon) Halloween is complete without a trunk-or-treat, so we made our way over to the church building on Saturday night.  Our leopard cub was pooped before the party even started.

She eventually woke up and broke into a Halloween sweat.  
(Why do we live here again?)

Minus the sweaty baby, we all had a great night, even though Anson axed my idea to wear our Popeye costumes two seconds after I googled Sweet Pea.  (Granted, it was 45 minutes before the party started.)  I hope to override my Scrooge husband next year and have a family costume.  (I think he might agree to a Star Wars theme?)

I hope you had a great (dressed up) (true October weather) Halloween.

1 comment:

  1. Clara looks adorable in her little tiger/cat costume. What a cute idea!