November 27, 2011

The Grands (Part 2)

This week at home has really recharged me.  It's nice to have some help holding and playing with Clara, especially since she has become the World's Worst Sleeper.

I love that things are always the same here.  My parents are always cuddling on the couch, Joe is stomping around the house, Nick is still incapable of getting himself a drink, my bedroom remains pink and green, Catfish is acting like a mean dog, the guys go out shooting, my mom and I spend time antiquing, old ladies at church still love me, chickens are escaping the coop, the pellet stove is burning, and the bean burro enchilada is still the cheesiest/tastiest thing on this planet.

Every kid deserves this kind of consistency.  If everyone had parents that were half as wonderful as mine, this world would be a much better (lay-around-in-our-underwear, eat-lots-of-little-debbie-snacks) place.

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