December 28, 2011

Christmas Part 1

Each and every Christmas morning begins at my parent's home.  My father wakes us up before the sun rises and my mom turns on the video camera to catch our faces when we first lay eyes on our stockings.  This is always my favorite part of Christmas, when exchange sibling gifts and we all sit around in our pajamas.  

This year, we made a stop at church before dropping in at Mimi's house.  It was nice to dress up in red and listen to beautiful Christmas hymns before diving into more presents.  It sort of made me wish that Christmas was always on Sunday.  

At Mimi's we opened gifts with all of the extended family and had our traditional wrapping paper war.  The morning came to a close with a generous helping of Mimi's famous "stuff."  Then, for us, it was off to visit the other side of the family!


  1. Those gingerbread on the wall, is PRECIOUS!

  2. How cute! I am dying over how cute that gingerbread wall is! I know after going to church this Christmas I wish Christmas was always on Sunday... it totally brought the Spirit into the day :-)