January 4, 2012

Ode to Socks

You may or may not be aware, but socks are a frequent topic in this house.  Why, Husband is quite fond of his socks, you see.  His drawer is filled with black and tan dress socks, all adorned with pinstripes and argyle print, just waiting to be paired with the perfect slacks.  If you look only a little further, you will see something quite special.  There, in the very same dresser drawer, lay the holy white socks from the Costco temple.  These aren't just any socks, they are fuzzy and comfy and mid-calf and indestructible, all quite necessary when it comes to a husband's socks.

And then a small wife enters the scene, equipped only with only a pair of striped ankle socks and a pair of green knee socks.  Flats, sandals, and high heels - who needs socks?  And then, she remembers, as she quite often does, that she owns a singular pair of pink, plaid converse, which must be worn when traipsing through mountains or jumping over rain puddles.  And, well, the knee socks are just for kicks.  (Lots of kicks.)

Finally, there is a small baby in this house, one who prefers that her socks match her outfit and pattern themselves after ballet slippers.  (A small bow is acceptable, too, in a pinch.)

Now that the pleasantries are out of the way...  

It is at this moment in time that we tell you about the strange allure of the aforementioned white foot coverings.  They just happen to be the perfect socks for leather riding boots and general foot warming, both activities common to small wives.  They are also quite snuggly for small babies and, on top of that, not half bad when it comes to taste!  And lastly, let us not forget, that these socks make excellent camera cases.  Which, come to think of it, should be very obvious.

We thank thee, dearest Husband, for allowing us to experience the unrivaled pleasure of your white socks.  And while we're at it, we simultaneously apologize for blackening the bottom of your holy socks (how does that happen?!) and commend you for your ability to keep white socks as pure as the driven snow.


  1. James and I share socks (woman's socks from Sams Club). He has small feet. BUT I hate that we share because his get more black than mine! How does he keep them so white, really? P.S. I have totally been blog stalking you.

  2. Oh I love socks! I don't have any plain white pairs because once my son got older he stole them. I love funky socks. Short ones, tall ones...stripes, argyles, skulls, stars! Ones for every single holiday! The Hubs his socks are white short ankley ones. But he has these hunting socks that are so warm and it's a battle because they are perfect for keeping The Wife's feet warm!