January 23, 2012

One Sleepy Baby

Sleep is such a funny thing when babies are involved.  For instance, they don't "sleep like babies."  As you can imagine, this came as quite a shock to me.  

Me, after three months of sleep deprivation:
What?!  Babies don't just go to sleep when they are tired?!

Clara and I have somewhat figured out the whole sleepy time thing, but actually, not really.  After an exhaustive study of Clara's sleepy cues, I head to her bedroom, flip off the lights, and lay down with her.  Sometimes (translation: rarely), she will nurse for a bit and fall asleep once she's had enough.  It's really a dream, I tell you.

Then there are the days where she can't decide whether she wants to nurse, suck her thumb, stare at the wall outlet, grab her toes, or rip my nose/lips/eyes off.  Usually, she experiments with fun combinations of these things all at once, all while nursing.  It's quite like boob acrobatics.  The milk circus, you could say.

Once I sneak away from my sleeping baby, the are quite a few questions that come to mind.

One:  Is she going to roll off the bed?
Two:  Is she going to stay asleep?
Three:  What should I snack on?

Obviously, the answer is YES.  

And finally, I come to the point of this post, which is to say, sometimes Clara doesn't want to wake up.  To be more correct, sometimes she wants to act like she's awake, but continue to sleep at the same time.

Also, she is seriously cute.


  1. she just wants to be sure you're still there, and still enamored ;)

    ps, you reminded me of this: (maybe you'll get there someday ;)

  2. Hahahaha I am cracking up. And she really is super cute!

  3. That video is adorable. Ahhh, such a cute girl!

  4. Oh my I LOVE it! So so cute :)