March 29, 2012

My Cleaning Schedule

Though my last blog post was extolling the virtues of laziness, I am here to share some great news: 

I have been ridiculously, surprisingly productive lately!

Before Clara was born, I wrote up a daily routine for myself, full of things I'd like to accomplish, both around the house and for myself.  I ran across a tip somewhere for keeping your home relatively presentable and pretty darn clean all the time, without spending every waking moment cleaning.  The tip suggests "picking up" around your home every morning and/or night, but dedicating one day each week to deep cleaning a specific room or area in the house.

As great as that plan sounded (at least to me), it took me until this week to implement.  

And now I'm wondering why the heck it took so long.

Sunday:  My Day
Monday:  Laundry Day, Porch Day, and Car Day
Tuesday:  Kitchen Day
Wednesday:  Home Office Day
Thursday:  Master Bedroom and Bathrooms Day
Friday:  Clara's Room Day and Basement Day
Saturday:  Fun Day!

Honestly, my house looks a lot cleaner and I have had a chance to do some of the dirty work around here, like wiping out the fridge.  I'm not sure how this schedule would work for everyone, but it keeps me on track, forces me to do deep clean more often, and gives me an end-goal every day, instead of the constant tidying-here-or-there-but-everything-is-still-a-mess phenomenon.

At the end of every day that I've followed my schedule, put the baby down, exercised, showered, journaled, and read my scriptures (yes, all of that!) (okay, it's only happened three times ever), I feel so accomplished and so ready for a good sleep.

There is one last component that is vital to this cleaning schedule: a baby that doubles as a mess maker and cleaning assistant.  (Trust me on this one.)