March 12, 2012

Nursery Progress

As you may recall, we once lived in an apartment that was much too small for a giant desk, a baby-in-the-making, and a million rollie pollies that insisted on paying homage to our bathroom every Spring.  As much as I looked forward to decorating a nursery, I was very hesitant to tackle the nursery/office/storage/I-hate-this-room room.

And here it is, in all of its glory (and so that you are more impressed with the anticlimactic ending to this post):

Then, when I was 8 months pregnant, we discovered that we would be moving when I was 9 months pregnant.  Now, if that doesn't motivate someone to decorate a nursery, then I don't know what would.  (Swollen sausage feet?)  So, I gathered all of the strength and creativity that I could manage and made a few pom poms:

And the result was rather sad.  
(As is the quality of these pictures.  Let's blame Clara-in-utero.)

Somewhere around the first of the year, I had a burst of energy.  This was also around the time that I kicked Clara out of our bedroom for sleeping like a boob-aholic dolphin with spidey senses.  My mom helped me paint (Robins Nest, my favorite color!) and I decided to incorporate pink into the room.  (I had originally planned on yellow, but began finding it hard to combat all of the pink things Clara was acquiring!)

And I finally made the curtains I had been planning for months!

And then, I realized that I hadn't taken any current photos, even though that was the point of this whole post, so I rushed to clean Clara's room and take a few decent pictures.  

(10 minutes later...)

And Husband only thinks I'm mildly insane for moving the pom-pom arrangement 5+ times.

I have a lot more to do, like:

1.  Make about a million pillows
2.  Refinish Clara's dresser
3.  Hang a gallery wall
4.  Spruce up a teddy bear
5.  Make a bench cushion
6.  Find toy and book solutions
7.  Finishing touches

Maybe I'll have this room finished by the time she's 12 and hates it!


  1. I love the robins egg and pink together! It's so weird how I didn't think I would want pink in Isla's nursery either until I had her. Now I keep trying to figure out ways to bring some in! Love the curtains too, the fabric is so cute!

  2. Just beautiful! Love the pom poms :) How'd Clara take sleeping in her own room?

  3. I already told you this last night, but I'll say it again for the world to hear: I love the blue walls with pink decorations! So cute and different.

  4. Someday, when I have a nursery to decorate, you will need to help me or my children will just have white walls & Target bedding.

    Decorating is not my forte! haha

    Clara's room looks adorable Kieren :)

  5. Hi! Can we get Clara's room up on Bedstart (