April 21, 2012

Clara's First Kiss Goes to a Chipmunk

We could be found amid the pouring rain and Matterhorn-sized puddles.  Clara was warm and cozy with her grandmother and great grandparents, while mommy ducked into kiddie rides and underneath castles, trying to stay dry.

The pink converse and raincoat were holding up quite well, until they met an unfortunate puddle on the way to Frontierland.  And why were they headed in that direction, you may ask?  The childless children were set on riding Splash Mountain in the rain and mommy was foolish enough to follow along.  Around the border of Rivers of America they trekked, and though she tried to avoid getting miserably wet, the splashing couldn't be avoided.  At long last, she committed herself to Splash Mountain.

At that very moment, they discovered that Splash Mountain was closed - due to the rain.

So, back to Main Street they headed, and they found one hungry little baby, who refused the comfort of anything but "milkie."  Soaking wet, the mommy danced from room to room, nursing cover in hand, looking for a place to rest her sopping wet body... when she stumbled upon a host of Disney characters... all by themselves...

As magical as these moments were for me, Clara was only slightly amused.

But that all changed when she laid eyes on her Prince Charming.

And that was Clara's first kiss.

It didn't go to mommy or daddy or grandmother or the baby in the mirror.

It went to Chip.

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  1. How cute! And I love how she matched Minnie Mouse in her red polka dots :) Chip's a lucky man.