April 16, 2012

Disneyland With a Baby: Part One

Disneyland with a 7 month old baby is one of those scenarios that is guaranteed to be a a great time or a very miserable experience. During my pre-trip Googling, I saw many posts from people (who obviously hate children) warning about the dangers of Disneyland with a baby.

I'm here to say, Miss Clara and I had a grand time at the Happiest Place on Earth.  My belief in her being the best baby in the world was reaffirmed when she took all of her naps in the stroller, only cried when she was starving, nursed anywhere and everywhere, and made bedtime so easy that mama was able to go back to the park until closing time.  Having a host of grandmothers and aunts with open arms also made the baby thing a breeze.

Here is our first day at Disneyland:


  1. Fun! I am so glad you had a good experience:) Looks like Clara was just perfect!

  2. Such cool photos! Good for you for not letting those others scare you away! :)