July 15, 2013

Colorado 2013

The prospect of driving 9 hours with a pregnant woman, a newborn baby, a newly-potty-trained toddler, and 3 kids was sightly terrifying, but we made it!!  The kids were troopers and we didn't even have any accidents, though I was slightly mortified when I had to dump Clara's potty into the trees at a very busy gas station.  (Anything for the kids, right?)

Husband met us in Colorado just in time for the 4th of July parade.

(We sure do love that guy!)  

We spent most of our days visiting with family, checking out the beautiful scenery, and picking wild strawberries.

Clara's favorite places were the stream and the pond.  She would have stayed outside all day if I let her.

My parents were sweet enough to drive us back home.  We spent a day in Telluride and took our time on the road.  By took our time, I mean it took us about 6 hours to drive 100 miles, thanks to multiple blowouts and using the potty on the side of the road.  (And then then we drove a couple hundred more miles!)

Taking big trips with little ones is daunting, but once I got out there I realized that the memories are worth it.  Seeing Clara experience new things is better than almost anything.

The second half of our vacation will be up tomorrow!!  


  1. So beautiful! I'm glad you powered through it, like you said...it is worth it in the end. And Steven looks exactly like Anson!