August 7, 2013

Camping on the Beach

It was a weekend of firsts for our family.  We started it off with our first-ever car purchase and took a spontaneous trip to the beach.  We camped alongside family and friends, underneath the stars, in our very first tent. Although I was uncomfortable, cold, cramped, and nursing all night long, everything felt special.  I loved every moment spent sleeping like sardines on a queen-sized air mattress, a baby on each side of me.

I was most excited to see Clara's reaction to the beach.  All of her new experiences are so fun to watch!  She immediately sat down and started digging in the sand at the bottom of the stairs.  She didn't even need to see the ocean to love the beach!  Running from the waves and playing in the sand were her favorite things.  And Steven?  His favorite part was napping.

Here are the first half of our beach pictures; more to come tomorrow!

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