April 22, 2010

More Protesting

I wish I could show you some better pictures, but I'm not allowed to get too close to policital rallies and the like.  (I have no political stance from January-May, remember?)  There are tons of people, news crews, swat teams, police, and even snipers.

These are protestors fighting against SB 1070, the immigration bill.  If it's not vetoed before Saturday, it will become law.  Among other things, the bill makes it a crime for an illegal to be in Arizona, it requires all noncitizens to carry ID cards, and it makes it a crime to hire or transport illegal aliens.

This is one of the biggest immigration bills to ever come out of a US state.

More protestors are expected to be at the Capitol in the next few days.  At 6:00 tonight, there will be a whole group from California!

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