April 21, 2010

Tiny Letters

Dear NBA playoffs:  Give me my husband back!

Dear LOST Season 3:  You seriously left me screaming at the the laptop screen.  Charlie is NOT dead, Ben needs to die, future-flashes-what-the-heck, and who is on the phone!?

Dear Gila Valley temple:  I'll be seeing you this weekend with mom, Husband, and grandparents.

Dear A/C:  Thanks for keeping the house under 80.

Dear sisters:  Congratulations on all the babies.  You make Husband jealous.

Dear thermometer:  97.0 for four days straight?  We are champs!

Dear Husband:  Thanks for buying me two beautiful dresses.  I don't want to wear anything else.


  1. so I take it your natural family planning is working :) with a temp of 97 and all