July 29, 2010

Book Report!

Dracula by Bram Stoker

I have always desired to read as many classic books as possible.  When I saw Dracula on Husband's shelf, I was determined to get started.

The book is written from the perspective of the main characters, through journal entries, newspaper clippings, and other sources. 

Perhaps I'm not familiar enough with the multitude of Dracula movies, but this story is very different from what I was expecting. Uncomfortably realistic at times, it is also very creepy, in an almost erotic way.  For nights, I felt a little bit uneasy as I settled into bed.  I couldn't help imagining the way the Count slithered down the wall of his castle.

For those of you that like a little bit of horror, I highly recommend Dracula.  Don't worry about the novel's age; it is nothing like Wuthering Heights or The Scarlet Letter.  The writing is smooth and easy to follow.

Watership Down by Richard Adams

This one was recommended to me by Husband.  I was also a little bit interested since I saw Sawyer, from Lost, reading it on the island.  That's probably the dorkiest reason to ever read a book, but whatever.

Though it took awhile to get me hooked, this book soon had me in its grasp.  It is the tale of a few rabbits who leave their warren at the insistence of Fiver, a rabbit who has a sixth sense.  As you follow the rabbits on their journey, and as they combat many obstacles, you learn to love them and to hope that they accomplish all of their dreams. 

This is an American classic and something that everyone should read.  Once you get far enough along, the characters seem more human than rabbit.  Oh, and Kehaar is the coolest animal EVER!

Winter Garden by Kristin Hannah

This book was passed to me by my mother.  The book begins with a small family, but the story quickly centers on one woman:  Anya Whitson.  To her family, she is cold-hearted.  Her sweet husband is the only person holding the family together.  At his death, the whole family is thrown into disarray.  As his last wish, Anya must tell her story to her daughters.  It is a story that is sad and beautiful.
From war-torn Leningrad and to the family in Washington, this book tells an epic love story, while simultaneously teaching about forgiveness and the power of words.

I also recommend Winter Garden, though it is very sad!  I cried many, many times.

Firefly Lane by Kristin Hannah

Another Kristin Hannah book; this one was given to me by my friend, Kelly.  Having loved Winter Garden, I was happy to give this new author another try.

This story narrates the journey of Kate and Tully, two very different girls who end up as the very best of friends.  Beginning in the 1970s, this book travels all the way to the present day.  There are many happy moments along the way, as well as a few broken hearts.  It is an awesome look at the power of true friendship.

If you're looking for another book to make you cry, this is it!

P.S.  I also tried to read Grapes of Wrath this summer, but I can NOT get into it!!

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