July 28, 2010

A Few Words About Husband

I love this handsome guy!  (But he's weird!)

1.  He dislikes bread with "sawdust on the edges." 

2.  He sometimes does strange dances.

3.  He loves naps and he prefers to take them on the floor. 

4.  If we were Hansel and Gretel, he would leave a trail of used Kleenex.

5.  He will only brush his teeth at night if I yell at him (he told me to), but he won't do it if I ask him nicely.

6.  Throw pillows annoy him.

7.  He is the worst swimmer I've ever seen; even worse than Joe.

8.  Almost every meal he eats makes his stomach "feel weird."

9.  He thinks a shot of hot sauce can cure an illness.

10.  He insists on throwing his wet towel over the door because he doesn't think it will dry on the towel rack.

11.  He stands inside the shower when he first turns it on, and then complains about the extremely hot or cold water that hits him.  When I tell him to turn it on from the outside to test the temperature, he thinks I'm crazy.  He then tries to blame me for turning off the shower the wrong way.

12.  When I'm lonely, he brings a chair into the kitchen and watches TV while I work.

13.  He will not stop using his iPhone while driving, no matter how many times I ask him not to.

14.  He kills bugs for me.

15.  He always kisses me goodnight.

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