January 6, 2011

First Annual Gingerbread Party

The week before Christmas (yes, I am very late on posting this), Husband and I hosted a gingerbread party.

Since I'm the full-time worker, Husband was in charge of cooking up the perfect gingerbread recipe and constructing the perfect houses.

This did not happen. 
Husband got lazy, made one huge gingerbread house (which later fell apart and was never decorated), and bought graham crackers instead...

As disappointed as I was in the graham crackers, it gave every a chance to bust out their architectural skills.

We had a house-that-fell-down-and-became-the-Mesa-temple, a modern two-story with a balcony, a house modeled exactly after the couple's real house (impressive), and a traditional gingerbread cabin, complete with car, icicles, and landscaping (ours).

All in all, I think the party was a success.
And it helped me get into the Christmas spirit, which I really needed!

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