December 30, 2010

2010 in Review

2010 has big the biggest year of my life.

In January, we celebrated the New Year with a fireworks extravaganza at my parent's house and that night we decided to get married, I moved to Phoenix, and started my internship with the House of Representatives.

In February, I started practicing NFP in preparation for "becoming one" (yep, I just went there), I started to plan my wedding, Husband proposed, and we took our engagement photos.

In March, we tied the knot for time and all eternity, had the shortest honeymoon in history, and began our lives together.

In April, we celebrated our first holiday as newlyweds, went to a Diamondbacks game, visited family (more than once), I began to do some serious cooking, I had a front row seat to the SB 1070 protests, we visited a new temple, and saw my brother ride a steer.

In May, my internship ended, I graduated from college, I started sewing, and we took a trip to Greer (with a pit stop in Globe).

In June, I did my part to increase the unemployment rate, became an apartment gardener, made my first skirt from a pattern, hung a photo collage, babysat the cutest girls in the world, celebrated my grandpa's retirement, and took a trip to Colorado.

In July, we bought fireworkswatched fireworks, took another trip to Colorado, bought a dining table, and enjoyed summer monsoons.


In August, I began teaching ballet, we drove to the mountains, I got a job at a law firm, we took a road trip to Provo for Husband's mission reunion, I celebrated my 22nd birthday, and we hung out with Jeff Flake.


In September, we had fun in Globe and at Tempe Town Lake, we found a fun sushi place, got new bedding, our lights went out, I got a new job, and we celebrated our 6 month anniversary.


In October, we took another trip home, it rained like crazy, Husband turned 25, we played in a pumpkin patch, and we had the greatest, homemade Halloween costumes.


In November, I met Karl Rove, we participated in the sleepover of awkwardness, made pies, stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving, chopped down our first Christmas tree, and welcomed two more nieces to the family.


In December, we went to a football game, decorated our tree, went to an art festival, went to a basketball game, saw the temple lights, had a gingerbread party, looked at Christmas lights, had recitals, and enjoyed some good, Christmas fun.


I have to admit, it was an amazing year.

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