March 8, 2011

Goodbye, Best Ward Missionaries Ever

Last weekend, we had a farewell party for a great friend-couple of ours. They are moving all the way to the land of Twilight. I’ve been to Forks and Port Angeles and let me tell you, those vampires were on to something. It’s beautiful, it’s green, and Seattle is within driving distance. They also have farmer’s markets!

(Another grudge I have against Arizona is the lack of farmer’s markets. Seriously, if all of the grocery stores shut down, the only thing to eat would be sand and some kind of cactus jelly. But, that’s in rural Arizona. In metro Arizona, where I live, I’d be eating concrete and asphalt.)

Without further ado, I introduce you to the friend group, as well as my Chocoflan (thanks to Amy), which I thought was ruined, but actually wasn’t. (Credit for the pictures goes to Ashlee.)


  1. what is that and where do i get the recipe!?

  2. Ketsy, I wrote this whole comment about how I would try to remember to type it up and email it to you... but I just found it online!

    Also, I'm not sure if you're in charge of the family blog, but if you are... could you please add me? Thanks!

  3. So, it's incredible up here, but I'm seriously missing our friend group. I'm learning how to hit it off with 80+ year olds... I wish you hadn't just come up here so you'd have a reason to visit. Miss you!