March 17, 2011

How To: Be Ridiculous

If it’s your one year anniversary and you are known for going over-the-top when it comes to surprises, let me inform you that I am the queen of such shenanigans.

Take for instance my first Sadie Hawkins dance, when I made a book about the young Kieren, complete with pre-pubescent pictures, of why said boy should go to the dance with me. Or the time that I, with my best friend, made a scavenger hunt for two boys, all over our town, ending with the two of us wrapped up in boxes (to unwrap, of course!).

Let me tell you, those little gems are only the tip of this ridiculous iceberg.
I have a new boy that likes me, mainly this guy that married me, so I refused to let him down.  Thus, the Post-It Note Wall of Compliments was born!!


Step One:  Write 365 things that you love about your husband on colorful Post-Its
Step Two:  Run out of things to write at #225
Step Three:  Google "things you like about your husband" for inspiration
Step Four:  Finish the Post-Its and let out a sigh of relief
Step Five:  Stick all of the aforementioned Post-Its to the wall above your bed
Disclaimer:  During each of the above steps, you will probably wonder if this is the stupidest act of your short life.  Don't doubt yourself, just carry on.


In summation, Step Five took TWO hours!! That is sort of a lot of work for a non-pregnant woman, but a lot a lot of work for a pregnant Kieren who feels like dying of dehydration after five minutes without a drink. Not to mention, Post-It adhesive is embarrassingly wimpy. Seriously, they need a new secret formula.

End result:  Husband liked the notes but wondered why I went the extra step of crazy to stick them all to the wall. 

Shoot.  I've been wondering the same thing!

I’m sorry that I didn’t get better pictures of the masterpiece, but our room is painfully small and hard to photograph, besides looking like a bomb went off in my closet.

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