March 21, 2011

Magic Happens at 3:30

"We get to see baby friend today.  :)"

"But not its sex.  :("

"You will love the surprise, party pooper! Don’t worry! It’s like the biggest Christmas ever!"

"Does that mean that I don’t need to get you a Christmas present? Okay, I’m cool with it then."

18 weeks with a $0.99 Icee, in other words, "Pregnant get what pregnant want!"

What's it gonna be?

Handsome fatty with blue eyes or petite muffin with a dented forehead, closed tear duct, cone head, rash, and belly button hernia?

Only August will tell!


  1. You are one of those disgustingly cute "only gain weight where the baby is and stay teenie weenie everywhere else" kinda pregnant woman. I love it. And hope that someday I follow suit. :)

  2. No kidding! I totally agree with Nicki. Where's this so called "baby bump"?

  3. you're seriously killing me by not finding out. i agree with the other girls. it's pregnant women like you that we all aspire to be like, and then we end up falling so incredibly short.
    Put on some weight woman! ha ha. loves.

  4. I totes think you should wait. Who cares if they have a gender neutral bed room? Make everyone bring receipts and have a designated gift exchanger when 50% of them are wrong.

    I also think Anson still owes you a Christmas gift. Maybe an extra awesome one since you're carrying his child? yes.

  5. BOO! on not finding out! I'm with Anson--no CHRISTMAS FOR YOU! I was so excited to hear--all week last week I kept myself positive through the strep throat and sick baby because I knew I got to hear what you were having on Monday. Such a disappointment. Maybe you can still change your mind??? (Just teasing...)