March 22, 2011

Juicy, Bloody Steak of Heaven!

Finally, the pictures of our anniversary dinner have arrived! 

Actually, they've been trapped on my memory card, imprisoned inside my camera, bouncing around in my purse with about one thousand bobby pins and gum wrappers.  In all honesty, my purse is not a fun place to hang out.

For the one year anniversary, I decided to take control of the situation. 
No more feeling sorry for myself, people!

Upon serious contemplation of my spoiled-ness, I realized that some of my thinking has been flawed.  First of all, there is no reason that I should have a sense of entitlement, regardless of the fact that I have been spoiled rotten for 22 years straight. (Does this sound like Husband?  Don't say yes, even if it's true.)  Secondly, I should be the controller of my emotions, not someone/something else.  Thirdly, I should be grateful for what I do have/get.

Resolving to be in charge of my emotions and situation, I forced Husband to take me to a fancy restaurant, dress up, and talk about romantic things.

It went a little bit like this:

"Someone commented on my newest post.  This guy was a total buffoon..."

"I bet.  (Blatant subject change)  Do you remember what I was wearing when you picked me up for our first (blind) date?  You were wearing your Yakima shirt, your hot jeans, black Asics, and had a shaved head.  You were so hot and tan and freckle-y!"

Bada-bing-bada-boom!  Romance!

My point was proven.
It's pretty easy to get what I want as long as I stay optimistic and in control! 
Pouting is a death sentence.
(and Husband is the executor?)

Anyway, the restaurant was Morton's and we highly recommend it.  We shared a huge bread puff, garlic mashed potatoes (too much garlic), and the best porterhouse steak on the planet!!

(Seriously, the tastiest hunk of bovine, this side of the Mississippi.)

Other cool tidbits:  They explain everything on the menu to you and use props.  The props included real vegetable and raw meat and... a LIVE LOBSTER!  It looked at me!  Also, I should not have worn my Banana Republic dress at 17 weeks pregnant, though the zipper has proven to be industrial strength.  That dress was seconds away from exploding off of my body all night.


So, with that, I would like to direct you towards my newest blog page:

Click above or on the right side of my blog to see the belly transformation!  You will want one of these for yourself!

I would like to point out how there is no belly in the first few pictures, even though I SWORE there was at the time.  Also, check out how freaking awful/sick I looked.  No wonder complete strangers kept asking me if I was feeling okay! 

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