April 12, 2011

Examen Para Mis Estudiantes

What would you think if you took all four of these pictures in one day?

A. If I don’t stop eating office cupcakes, when will I be unable to fit through the small space leading to the next cubicle?

B. If my fetus is to grow healthy and strong, should I be eating numerous cupcakes and ice cream treats?

C. Do I look fat or pregnant?

D. If I have gained one pound a week (which is the average, dang it) in the last five weeks, will cupcakes keep me on track or bump me up to two pounds/week category?

E. Is this cupcake the reason that I had to take a break during my 10-minute video workout, where the instructor is a 36-week pregnant woman?

F. Would taking wheatgrass (per midwife’s instructions) help offset my cupcake compulsion?

G. Should I spend more time looking at my feet?

H.  Is there a correlation between cupcake consumption and cankles?

What do you think?


  1. Let's put it this way. 1 cupcake without frosting is about 300 calories. which is the amount extra your supposed to eat when pregnant. The way I see it your covered for the day! haha. Good Luck with that cubicle space in future, it'll be a doozy 30+ weeks prego. And yes you look pregnant not fat. :)

  2. You look adorable and I love reading all of your updates about your little peanut. So cute.
    P.S. you look pregnant, no where near fat.

  3. Yes to cupcake, yes to wheatgrass. Also, yes to taking a break during your 10 minute workout. Enjoy your adorable baby bump!!