April 11, 2011

Same Outfit All Weekend

For the sake of my marriage, I will not tell you about the latest bathroom riot between myself and “The Pooper.” It is filled with too many olfactory details, bodily functions, innocent wives trying to wash their faces, and husbands who demand that their families bow down and worship bowel movements.

Besides the minor bathroom blip on our Richter Scale of Happiness, the weekend was absolutely fantastic, especially the rain.

On Friday, I was distracted by a huge fire that I watched from my skyscraper, then I devoured some veggie rolls and panang curry with Husband, and then we attended the (free) ASU Symphony! It was my very first symphony and the music was stellar, except that Mercury’s song was not the coolest, which it should have been, since he is my favorite Greek god. Also, I swear that the first chair (I think that’s the technical term?) almost poked his neighbor in the eye with his violin bow (another technical term?) like 14 times. It was slightly distracting for someone as uncultured as myself. 

Saturday was busy for me. I woke up, cleaned, didn’t kick Husband out of the bathroom for showing up on the toilet while I was washing my face, had an eye appointment at Costco, dropped stuff off at Goodwill, visited family, and hung out with a chubby baby for the rest of the night.

I would like to add that:

Costco is the best place for an eye exam because it is affordable, efficient, quick, you don’t have to wait in a dumb waiting room or be shuffled around, you can buy your contacts at the same time, and then you can wander around eating free samples! If I could own an optometrist/warehouse/$1.50 polish sausage joint, it would definitely be Costco. Also, I got 3rd place out of 4 while playing Scrabble, which is pretty much my record and pretty much why I hate Scrabble.

On Sunday, I did a lot of church stuff, some family stuff, and some laying around stuff. More importantly, I found my church twin. She was wearing the same exact outfit as me, which is a huge compliment, especially since she is about 60 years my senior. Also ironic is the fact that she was up on the stand directly in front of me, so I spent all of Sacrament Meeting looking into my future. Talk about spiritual enlightenment!

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