June 15, 2011

Alternative to the Shoebox

Not another baby post!

I really hope that’s not what you’re thinking, because honestly, it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Hopefully I have a chubby baby, which will certainly make this blogging thing a lot more bearable.

I will make a baby soon, I promise. (Fingers crossed for a fat baby!)

After procrastinating for many weeks (unresolved), struggling with lack of funds (unresolved), having a lame-o husband that hates decorating (forever unresolved), and trying to clean out the horribly cluttered office/soon-to-be-nursery (in-progress), nursery decorating has officially begun!!

Drum roll, please!
(Okay, this is probably going to be anti-climactic. Forgive me.)

The glorious, inspirational mood board:

Created using Olioboard

The architecturally fantastic and unique, 120 sf nursery, with a behemoth desk:

So, of course, this is dreaming big. 
Lucky for mommy, baby will probably be oblivious to any decorations (or lack thereof).


  1. how did you make that picture with a bunch of different pictures on it? your inspiration

    more importantly, Im so excited to see the finished product! And you totally have to paint the dresser.

  2. I used olioboard.com. It's actually pretty cool!

  3. Love all the colors you've chosen, very bright and happy! The nesting period has begun! Can't wait to see a post about you scrubbing floors at 2a.m.! Haha. Word of advice, no pictures over the crib. A friend of mine did that and it fell on the baby! YIKES! Nothing says welcome home like being crushed.

  4. Tell husband that shelves are an essential. Seriously!