June 9, 2011

Extra Buoyant

This is my warning: the following picture is sure to incite extreme emotions, whether they be laughter (stemming from the sheer amounts of white in this picture or my child-belly), disgust (again, the large midsection), envy (“I WISH I could be that disproportional!”), desire (some people are into that), or curiosity (is that swimsuit painted on or did she squeeze into it somehow?), I cannot tell.

Just know that I thoroughly enjoyed myself at the pool last weekend.

Heck, I floated around and I felt weightless! I might have burned off 2.5 calories by lounging on a noodle! I practiced my birthing squat on the stairs and it was so easy! My suntan constituted an approximately 0.5% increase in skin pigmentation! I got to see my husband shirtless!
To top off my swimming escapades, I used some coupons at Sonic to purchase a corndog and a Cream Slush for a grand total of $1.08. It was the perfect meal to kick off summer. (Baby agrees.)

As long as I keep visiting my SIL’s pool on Saturdays and find another pool (that a doesn’t require a 7-8 month pregnant woman to climb over a fence) for the other 6 days of each week, I hope to keep the cankles at bay.

Less than 11 weeks to go!


  1. you are adorable. enjoy the weightlessness and cooling effects of the pool!!

  2. Your bump is adorable! And you're in the home stretch! Good luck and you rocked the heck out that bathing suit!