June 10, 2011

Peevish Professional

This is going to sound extremely Virgo of me, but people that walk really quickly, especially older women in high heels, stress me out. My Virgo Sun Sign hates this just as much as, if not more than, my Virgo Ascendant. It’s like someone is tapping right on my neat little brain, in tune with the thumping of those speedy stilettos.

Really, it’s enough to drive a Virgin batty! And you know we’re already on the edge of insanity, just like cats. They used to be my favorite animal, you know, until I realized how prone to psychosis they are.

Then, there are the overly nice people. You know the ones I’m talking about. Their smiles are too big, their voices have too much pitch, and they laugh at everything you say, even when you return their “hello” with the least amount of enthusiasm possible.

Oh, this eats at my angry soul!

But in all honesty, I am a happy person and a nice person, on the inside. And luckily, I only deal with grandmas in high heels, felines, and disingenuous people on a limited basis.

What a relief.

So here is some tasty French Toast that I made on Saturday. 
It is sure to lift your (my) spirits and feed hungry babies.

Have a happy weekend!

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