June 13, 2011

Your Belly is in the Way!

Wednesday night's Mutual activity was one of my favorites so far. That’s why I’m writing about Mutual for the first time in this blog’s life. It was that good!

One of our leaders is a folkloric dancer. She has taken a few of the girls, especially my sweet Beehives, under her wing and taught them to perform. They have danced all over the valley and have even been on the news!

After a performance by Shania and R'Angela, all of the girls donned long skirts and assembled themselves in a circle. I sat on the stage, wondering whether or not I should participate. On the one hand, I was guaranteed to look ridiculous, as I have 0% Latin flavor and 100% pregnant belly. On the other hand… well, I realized that I am a dancer to the very core and would not miss a chance to shake my groove thing.

I got my pregnant self out on the dance floor and felt that Latin music right in my very soul. I don’t speak Spanish, but apparently my body does (or wants to)!

Needless to say, I succeeded in getting my Wednesday workout, as well as providing comic relief for the girls. Swinging my invisible skirt (yeah, didn’t want to try squeezing into a salsa skirt) had me as worn out as the days when I would do 50 high kicks at a football game or a set of challenging floor work in an advanced dance class.

Boy, am I out of shape!

I loved the chance to dance again. I have found that it doesn’t matter whether I’m in a company class or prancing around in a circle of non-dancers - the feeling is still there in my heart. My dreams of becoming a professional dancer have long since passed, but that doesn’t stop me from experiencing the joy of dance, whether I’m the student or the teacher.

The activity was a wonderful send off for my two Beehive girls, who both moved out of the ward this week.

I will miss them so much.

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  1. What a fun mutual activity! I'm sure you looked great! I read that dancing during labor is one of the most helpful ways to bring baby down so, take your boombox and feel the music! :) Hope you are feeling well!