August 9, 2011

Husbands, Cake, and Puppies

I tried to think of a good husband analogy, but I failed miserably.

Husbands are like cake (so sweet, but you get sick of it if you eat too much), but I don’t get sick of cake. In fact, I like the cake part best and the frosting part least. So, that would be saying that I like the dry and boring part best and the sweet part least. (Crap, maybe that is a good analogy for my marriage.)

Or husbands are like puppies (you want to cuddle and love them, but then they can drive you insane and poop on everything), which is a lot closer to the truth. Except, I don’t like it when puppies grow up, though it is nice when husbands grow up and can supply you with endless amounts of money to spend on furniture.

That’s where I gave up. I will leave the analogies to someone with much greater mental capacity than myself, though I am currently sporting two brains in one body.

I came home to flowers from Husband last week.  What a wonderful suprise.

My husband is the best. And what is the best? It is him and he is the best.

(So logical, I know!)

In all seriousness, though, I have been a moody pregnant woman lately. I just haven’t felt very happy, seeing as I am a large whale that can’t do much of anything anymore, except complain about sore body parts. (And they really are sore!!)

But then, I realized that I have been really happy over the past week!! And then, I realized that it wasn’t because I decided to be a big girl and try to improve things, but because my goodly husband stepped up to the plate. What an unselfish lover I have! He, who wasn’t doing anything wrong in the first place, went out of his way to love and serve me even more.

I expressed this to him last night as we were lying in bed.

After my big speech about how grateful and happy he has made me, and my questioning whether or not he’s noticed a difference, he said:

“Well, you have been a lot nicer to me lately.”

And so I have. I really have.

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