August 8, 2011

New Beginnings

We have officially opened a new chapter in our book of life. Our newlywed apartment has been emptied out, cleaned up, and the utilities have been shut off.

During the final walk through, the landlord suggested that we scrub the stove and tub a little bit harder, in order to get more of our security deposit back. On Saturday, I headed over to our Tempe digs with bottles of newly-purchased Scrubbing Bubbles and Lime Away.

It was over 100 degrees outside and there was no electricity inside the little apartment. Being 38.5 weeks pregnant, scrubbing bathtubs with abnormally short arms and legs, and an abnormally large stomach, in a small sauna, was a pain.

Holy perspiration!

All that’s left to do now is turn in the keys and say one last farewell… to Dunkin Donuts, that is. We really didn’t take advantage of having a DD within two minutes of our apartment.

I will really miss those strawberry frosted donuts.

More than that, though, I will miss the Tempe Ward, especially the Young Women girls and leaders.

At our new ward yesterday, I was feeling rather lonely in Relief Society.  An older women was talking with me when a lady that I'd met at our pool sat down behind us.  I thought she might move up to chat with me, after the woman left. 

Opening exercises began and suddenly, the Young Women were dismissed from the room.  The neighbor lady went with them and I couldn't help feeling a little pang in my heart.

The only person I knew was going to the only place that I wanted to be.


  1. You will make new friends soon enough. You're way too cute to be without friends very long! Miss you! It was fun talking with you the other day!

  2. I was so bummed you guys were gone yesterday. It made me so sad to look around and not see you guys. I'm sure you will make new friends at your new ward, but they better not replace us! :)