August 5, 2011

The New Place

My camera had been missing for a frightfully long period of time.  That's another symptom of pregnancy, you know, bad memory.  In fact, bad memory explains why I showed up for my last prenatal appointment on Tuesday at 1:00, rather than Wednesday at 1:00, but that's another story.

My heroic mother once again saved the day, by rescuing my camera from the middle console in her car, right where I left it.  She, then, is responsible for what is around the corner.

I am not going to wow you with beautiful landscapes or enormous bellies, but rather, with badly lit pictures of my new space.  In the off chance that I convince my husband to get the walls painted (though I do love what 12 kids who have occupied the place within the last 5 years left behind) and then I start to actually decorate, I want some "befores" for the "afters."

I knew you'd understand.

It will almost be like HGTV, minus the professional decorators and cameramen.  Also, minus any type of decorating budget or helpful hubby.

I give you, the kitchen:

At least I have a few pretty dishes?  But really, how do you work with that color of green?  And here's a more difficult question:  How do you work with that color of green in the master bathroom?

Things I like/can work with:  the white blinds, the white appliances, the wall color, the tile, the cabinets.  Basically, the kitchen isn't half bad.

Followed by, the living room:

I think people usually clean their houses before taking their "before" pictures, but... I'm going to use my pregnant card on this one.

Things I like/can work with:  the carpet and the french doors.

Enemies that I will turn into friends:  green walls and the Behemoth Desk. 

And the hallway, which, why not:

Impressive, I know.

Things I like:  It's a blank canvas??

Things that make this difficult:  There's a whole lot of wall, which you can't see from this picture.  I'm thinking gallery wall, which is guaranteed to drive Husband nuts.

Up next:  dining area, master bathroom, master bedroom, guest bathroom, nursery, and the back porch.

Oh, the suspense!

Any fabulous design ideas out there?


  1. How fun! I actually like the green wall... haha. I see florals of red and pink! I'm sure that'll make Anson VERY happy, haha.