October 3, 2011

Young and Sweet

It's been six weeks since the morning that I met my precious girl.  Sometimes it's still hard to believe that I was pregnant for nine months and that I can't feel her kicks and hiccups from the inside anymore.

It's amazing how quickly she has grown and changed in such a short time.  When I feel frustrated or sleep deprived, I try to remember how fast it's been, how the details of her birth are growing fuzzy.

I love watching her grow: big smiles in the morning, her eyes locked on mine while she nurses, little arms and legs that flail about, tiny onesies that get tighter every day.

And the funny things, too: waking up at 4:00 am to help her pass gas, looking down during a meal to see her covered in crumbs, blasting Dancing Queen to quiet her down, finding diaper contents from belly button to the back of her neck, and rolling her around while she's tightly swaddled.


  1. Clara is so adorable! Steve and I need to come by sometime so we can see her. I LOVE her name too. What a pretty girl and it looks like you have really gotten the hang of being a mom! You're a pro!

  2. These pictures are hilarious! I am seriously so proud of how great you've been at being a mom. You just hit the ground running and that's amazing.